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Discover the secrets of ideally matched glasses with our advisor.

Face shape and other physiognomic factors are of great importance while choosing glasses. The choice of the fason and the color of frames and spectacle lenses should be adjusted to both the preferences of the customer and the determinants of another type.

If you've ever asked yourself: what glasses will suit me and what frames to choose - welcome to our opticians. Together we will find the answers to these questions.


Eyewear frames stylist

There are perfect glasses for each face - get to know our adviser who will find them for you.

We invite you to a meeting with our certified stylist who will professionally determine the shape of your face, eyes and silhouette, and will discover the color frames most conducive to your appearance. In the Noble Optic House stores we use professional equipment for stylistic selection of eyeglass frames.

If you are looking for sunglasses or corrective glasses that you will happily wear every day - visit one of our boutiques, and together we will find them for you.


Your benefits

noble optic house icon-designerskie okulary Frames selection

We provide professional selection of the shape and color of spectacle frames matching your physiognomy and preferences. We invite you to our opticians, we will find the perfect glasses for you.

noble optic house icon-doradca opraw okularowych Specialist advice

Our certified eyewear stylist will answer your questions regarding the frames and rules of their selection. You can find out what suits you best and how to emphasize your style.

noble optic house icon-porady Individual approach

Let yourself have a bit of luxury and spoiling at our salons. We will devote you as much time as you need to find the most satisfying solution.

noble optic house icon-super design Unique style

Stand out from the crowd with your new glasses and style that everyone will envy. Let us do our job and learn about our methods of stylistic selection of frames.

NOBLE OPTIC HOUSE Let us take care of both your eyesight and your style
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